Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills are critical to life outside the classroom. Students need lots of practice. These skills are taught inside classrooms around the world. This gives students practice for the real-world. Then students are better prepared to transition into adulthood.

The way the skills are taught, can look different for every classroom. Some teach this by modeling. Others teach this with pencil and paper. But either way, it can be difficult to track progress in this area. In the past, I know I have had trouble quantifying this data. So I created worksheets to help students practice these skills. Then I added the assessments and data tracking forms to help teachers monitor progress.

For what?

These resources are to help teachers collect and track data for executive functioning skills.

For who?

  • Special Education Teachers
  • Life Skills Teachers
  • Speech Therapists
  • Resource Teachers
  • General Education Teachers
  • And more!

Executive Functioning Skills Volumes 1-3 Include:

Worksheets and Assessments for strengthening skills.  I made these resources for grade 6th-12th. But I have used parts of them for upper elementary as well.

The resources focus on these 9 skills:

  • Paying Attention
  • Prioritizing
  • Organizing
  • Regulating Emotions
  • Planning
  • Understanding Points of View
  • Staying focused until a task is complete
  • Realistic versus Overly Optimistic
  • Time Management

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Also Included:

  • ANSWER KEY is included for every page! I know how much time teachers spend grading, so an answer key is necessary!
  • ASSESSMENTS are included in these resources.  I use these to measure progress. I also use them for identifying areas of strength and areas to work on.
  • TEACHER DATA TRACKING FORMS are included to help with easy data tracking and progress monitoring.  I made sure these data forms are in the same format as other assessments in my store. So if you have any of my other assessments, these data forms will match! (Find my store HERE).
  • SAMPLE IEP GOALS are included. I added sample IEP goals to spark ideas for writing more goals. So I hope this helps you!

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