Vocabulary for Algebra 1

Do you ever have days where it feels like no matter what you try, the students are not getting it? We all do! In this case, we are talking about algebra 1. There are many concepts and formulas to teach. My suggestion is to start with pre-teaching the vocabulary.

Grasping the vocabulary for algebra 1, can help a student master more overall concepts in algebra 1. Practicing the vocabulary gives students access to the language of algebra 1. By knowing the language, they can focus more on the “how-to” rather than stuck in the land of “what does this mean“.

To encourage extra practice with vocabulary, I created this simple packet of crossword puzzles.

The packet covers 100 vocabulary words for algebra 1. There are 10 crossword puzzles. Each puzzle has a corresponding answer key. Also included are words lists/banks and pages of definitions.

In addition to being helpful for pre-teaching, these puzzles can be used in many other ways. They are great, self-explanatory worksheets to leave for substitutes. They can be good to use when you need to break up a lesson or during the transition to a new lesson.

Need Informal Math Assessments for Algebra 1?? Find them HERE!

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