Flexible Seating Options for your Classroom!

So you’ve finally made the choice to purchase flexible seating for your classroom. Congratulations! This can be a scary decision at first and many thoughts are going through your head right now. Kids bouncing all over the classroom? Kids using the flexible seating as toys? A classroom of chaos?

What did I just do?

Don’t worry! Right now, hundreds of thousands of classrooms are using flexible seating throughout the world….and they are LOVING IT! Like anything in a classroom, as long as rules are understood on how to use the seats appropriately, flexible seating will be successful in your classroom.

I love finding new types of flexible seating to share with others. Since my teaching position allows me to visit different classrooms, I often snap photos of flexible seats I like and find out where to get them. Below is a list of my favorite flexible seats I’ve seen so far! Click on the words next to the picture to find a link to purchase them. Good luck with flexible seating in your classroom!

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Flexible Seating Options

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