Homeschooling Resources for Children with Special Needs!

Homeschool Resources

Homeschooling is an admirable, large responsibility for parents that decide to take this on.  For a parent of any child being home-schooled, it takes lots of time, dedication, and patience.  For a parent of a child with learning disabilities, homeschooling may be even more challenging.  In addition to Reading, Writing, and Math standards, parents of children with learning disabilities may be teaching things such as: compliance, following directions, and other basic life skills.

What resources are available to help differentiate the homeschooling curriculum for special education?

Homeschooling has positively changed since websites like Teachers Pay Teachers and Pinterest came around.  Just imagine, all styles of lessons and curriculum, available at the click of a button!  It’s amazing!  The resources below were created to assist teachers in the classroom and parents that are homeschooling their children.  If you like the resources below, find more special education resources in my TpT store: Resources From Rachel.

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Determine your student/child’s grade level: Take Your Own Data

Have you ever felt like your child is falling behind academically and you just want to see what their independent working level is?  Use these leveled assessments in Reading, Writing, and Math to determine what grade level they are working at.

Each assessment includes multiple grade levels from K-8, with instructions on how to easily administer the assessment.  The assessments were designed to be simple and quick to administer.  Each assessment can be purchased individually, purchased as separate BUNDLES by subject (Reading, Writing, Math), or purchased ALL TOGETHER for a discounted SPECIAL EDUCATION BUNDLE.  Click on the pictures to read more about each assessment.



Math Assessments BUNDLE


Reading Comprehension Assessments BUNDLE

 reading-comprehension-test-with-answers                  reading-comprehension-test-with-answers



Try it for FREE!  Download the free versions of these assessments below!!  Click on the pictures to find different grade level (K-8) Freebies!
reading-comprehension-test-with-answers     informal-math-assessments-for-special-education

Practice Compliance at Home

Whether your student/child is learning to follow single-step or multi-step directions, following directions is a direct life-skill.  There is no “one-way” to teach this skill, but there are many ways to practice it!  I created a Listening and Following Directions product line to assist students in learning how to follow a series of directions, even if it doesn’t make sense to them.  This product line is great for students in the classroom and homeschool.  Like the Reading, Writing, and Math assessments, the Listening and Following Directions product line is available individually or as a discounted BUNDLE.



Don’t forget the POWER of INCENTIVES

When teaching a new skill to a child with learning disabilities, teachers and parents are very similar.  Both may require incentives to get the ball rolling!  Children may not see the point of doing something new if they see no value in it.  It is important to provide instant incentives at first, so the child may see a bit of value in what they are learning and therefore, more than likely demonstrate compliance.  After the child complies a number of times, you would fade out the use of incentives.  Ultimately you’ll provide less and less rewards, until they are complying with “no incentives necessary”.

Incentives can be anything!  Whether they are hard goods, verbal praise, outings, social setups, or even activities, incentives can work wonders! (Purchasing incentives may also be a tax write-off for homeschool parents!) I have a prize box in my classroom with tiny toys but we also earn “movie days,” “no homework,” “lunch with the teacher,” “extra recess,” and much more!

Click on the pictures to purchase these incentives!


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