Math Intervention Workbooks for grades K-8th

Math intervention workbooks for your struggling math learners. These workbooks provide extra help with specific CCSS-aligned math topics. Intervention workbooks are great for students in general education, special education, or resource rooms. A great tool for elementary / middle-school / junior-high students who need extra practice on specific math skills (see below).


What’s included?

Inside, you will find math practice workbooks based on the grade level indicated and the appropriate CCSS.

For example, the eighth-grade workbook includes the following topics: The Number System, Expressions & Equations (Radicals & Integer Exponents), Expressions & Equations (Proportional Relationships, Lines, & Linear Equations), Functions, Geometry (Congruence & Similarity), Geometry (Pythagorean Theorem), Geometry (Volume: Cones, Cylinders, & Spheres), Statistics & Probability, and Basic Fluency/Accuracy Practice Sheets.

Also included, you will find an answer key, some self-check slips for students, and teacher/parent progress monitoring tracking sheets.


What are these for and how can I use these workbooks?

While there are endless ways to use these resources, I have a few ways I’ve used them. I’ve used these struggling math learners’ workbooks as extra resources in my Math Intervention groups for practice and review of specific topics aligned with common core standards. They are also a simple grab-and-go solution for homework, test prep, review, and perfect to use as summer math workbooks to keep skills sharp over extended breaks. Also great to give to those fast-workers who tear through classwork like they’re late for lunch!

Where can I get these math intervention workbooks?

To purchase at-home/at-school printing copies: Purchase this from my store on Teacher Pay Teachers. Visit Resources From Rachel to find all my available resources for both Special Education and General Education or click below.

Want them ALL in one? Find the K-8th Math Intervention Workbooks BUNDLE here!

To purchase a paperback, (student copy and answer key sold separately), click below:

Are there math intervention workbooks available for other grade levels?

YES! We have grades 8th-, 7th-, 6th-, 5th-, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, & Kindergarten workbooks available, three books for each grade level. Check back here often to see when I’ve added more to this line of resources.

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