Teachers Get Sick Too!

We hear teachers say that sometimes they would rather come into work when they are sick because it’s just too hard to create sub-plans.  Why?  You want the sub to pick up where you left off but can’t make the plans too hard. 

Unless you have worked with your sub before, there are a variety of scenarios that can happen when you’re gone.  Some good and some,…well…you know!  However, teachers get sick!  We have to be able to leave in an emergency!  Certainly there must be a solution to this. 

If you search around you will find several types of great, pre-made emergency sub plans.  However, all the special education teachers may be thinking, my schedule changes daily!  Are there really emergency sub plans that you can use for a flexible special education?  If every student is unique and their needs are all different, what plan could you possibly leave a substitute to ensure the students’ needs are being met?

Pick Up Some NO-PREP Sub Plans

The sub plans below were originally created to help me in my K-2 Special Day Class (SDC).  Then I moved to a 3-4 SDC, so I created an advanced set.  Eventually I shared these plans with a general education teacher that was caught in a bind.  As a result, she was thrilled!  Needless to say, I can be confident when I say that these plans are for any teacher, K-4.

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K-2 Subs Plans Version1        No Prep Plans Version 2         No Prep Sub Plans 3-4

Best of all, these plans include worksheets in the areas of Reading, Writing, Math, and even include a behavior incentive for your sub to use! 

Don’t Forget to Leave Subs Information About the Students

As a special education teacher/resource teacher you need to expose some information to the substitutes while keeping the majority of the students’ information, completely confidential.  Some of you may have heard of an IEP at a glance or “snapshot” of a student’s IEP. 

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This is important to expose this information to substitutes so they are aware of particulars with each student.  By giving this information, you are setting up your sub to better work with your students.

Leave More Incentives, Just In Case!

You may have students in your classes with some behaviors that make you nervous to call in sick.  Therefore, it is better to leave your substitute more options for incentives than not enough.  I know your sub will appreciate this and you will feel better about setting your sub up for success.

Incentives do not have to by physical prizes.  More and more schools are turning into Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) schools.  Check out the PBIS incentives below:

PBIS 1        PBIS 2

By reinforcing good behaviors, we set a higher standard for good behavior.  Other students see the teacher praising a good behavior.  Therefore, that student may want the same praise so they copy their peers with good behaviors. 

By giving your substitute these tools, you will feel comfortable enough to be sick!    

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