Visuals and Flashcards

If you teach English Language Learners (ELL), you may be continuously looking for more resources to support your students.  Though there are some resources available, there are not as many resources as there should be.  I found that there are more resources available for ELL in the middle to high school range.  The student’s language is more developed at this point in life and language appropriate resources are plentiful.  What about the emerging students?

Visuals and Flashcards

Emerging students are just beginning their academic careers.  They need all the supports that they can get.  I found that using visuals is part of a universal way to teach language.  Every class I have ever taught needed visual supports.  Therefore, I developed a flashcards series with pictures, words, and picture/words to use with all my students.  This flashcard series can be used to create matching games, word identification games, or even picture identification games.  Each set of words can also be used on a word wall or to identify classroom items. Teachers can be so creative with these!

What’s Included

Each individual product includes 9 words or more.  Each word has 3 corresponding flashcards: *Word and Picture, *Word Only, and *Picture Only.  Only requirements when purchased is to print, cut, and laminate!

Flashcards 1                 Flashcards 2

*Classroom Edition
*Numbers Edition
*March Edition
*Earth Day Edition
*Spring Edition
*Mothers Day Edition
*Summer Edition
*End of Year Edition
*Halloween Edition



The flashcard series are available in a BUNDLE.  The BUNDLE includes all 9 versions for a total of 84 words!

No ELL students in you class?  That’s okay!  Use these flashcards as visuals for elementary or special education classrooms.