Flexible Seating in the Classroom!

There is a large wave of teachers moving towards using more flexible seating in their classrooms. Teachers, it is time to jump on-board with flexible seating!

Flexible seating comes in all shapes and sizes. I spent the last couple months observing in classrooms and snapping photos of the flexible seating that teachers use and love. I hope to share more flexible seating options so all teachers can get an idea of what is available to them.

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~Flexible Seating~

Below are pictures of different flexible seating options. The teachers and students are loving these flexible seating options. I loved them too (that’s why I snapped photos for sharing).

But it doesn’t stop there! If you want to see more flexible seating options for the classroom click on Flexible Seating Options for your Classroom OR Get Creative with Flexible Seating in your Classroom.

Flexible Seating Options in the Classroom

Bungee Comfy Chair

**Tip: These come in all shapes and sizes, so shop around to see what works best for your classroom.**

Giant BeanBag

**Tip: I shoved this beanbag underneath a large desk so my students can use this as a kneeling option**

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