Teacher Self-Care Ideas

“Self-care is important! Take care of yourself! Do what’s good for your mental health!” As teachers, we hear this all the time. But how many teachers are actually taking necessary positive actions for their self-care?

We give ourselves excuses like: “Only a few weeks left until break, I can make it,” or “I’m fine,” or “This project can’t wait”. Teachers are caring in nature. In a classroom of 20-40 students, it’s hard to put ourselves first. However if we are not 100% for our students, how much are we really benefiting them? It’s time to take teacher self-care seriously!

There are thousands of ways to take care of yourself during the school year. Here are some of the ways I started my journey to teacher self-care and I already feel better! Click on the links to see where I got them!

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Teacher Self-Care Idea #1



Find ways to add exercising into your day! Can’t make it to a gym? Invest in an at-home exercise device. My treadmill, is my new best friend!

Look for other exercise tools here!

Teacher Self-Care Idea #2

Self-care 2

Get Organized

Take some time to do what you need to do to get organized. Whether it’s writing a list or purchasing storage bins, getting organized helps calm the fear of the unknown.

Look for storage bins here.

Teacher Self-Care Idea #3

Self-care 4

Professional Development

There is nothing better when you feel frustrated or at a loss, than to educate yourself!

Look for great professional growth books online!

Teacher Self-Care Idea #4

Self-care 3

Find a Relaxing Hobby

I found peace with gardening. After a long day, I spend the first 30 minutes when I get home, in the garden with my dogs. I made this cute garden herb holder using a few low price items from Amazon.

Start your garden with this kit!

Teacher Self-Care Idea #5

Self-care 5

Search for tools to help you in the classroom!

There comes a time when some classes get used to the routines of your classroom. It’s time to switch it up!

I found this classroom noise meter and timer to help me control the volume level in my classroom (especially when there is a break coming up)!

Teacher Self-Care Idea #6

self-care 6

Appreciate the staff

If you are feeling a little burn out, then chances are, you are not the only one.

Do what you can to show appreciation for the staff you work with.

I put these cookies in cute bags and placed them in my staff members boxes!

Teacher Self-Care Idea #7

self-care 7

Take a day for you!

There is nothing wrong with taking a day to do something for yourself.

Personally, I have a weakness for getting my nails done. I even purchased this nail kit so I can do them at home when I get too busy!