Writing Prompts for High School

Looking to monitor and assess writing in high school?

These Writing Prompts and Assessments for High School (9th-12th) may be what you need. Great to use for progress monitoring and collecting baseline data. You can use the data collection for IEPs. The prompts can determine a students strengths and areas of concern in writing.


These prompts with assessments are most EFFECTIVE for: General Education Teachers, Resource Specialists, and Special Education Teachers.

Categories of Writing Prompts

The prompts are divided into these categories:

  • Argumentative
  • Informative/Explanatory
  • Narrative with Real or Imagined Experiences
  • Substantive
  • Evidence-Based 

Also included in each volume: 

  • A scoring RUBRIC 
  • Teacher and student data recording / progress monitoring / tracking sheets
  • Sample IEP goals for high school writing

The prompts can be used as an assessment to collect writing samples throughout the school year and track writing progress. Each prompt is on its own page to give students room to write. Every page has a space in the bottom left corner to track time and the number of written words per minute.

Prompts are aligned with Common Core Standards. These assessments will help you determine the average writing abilities of your student. Also included is a directions sheet!

SAVE MONEY!! These prompts are available in a BUNDLE!!

You can assess:

*Average strengths and areas of concern in writing

*Writing Fluency

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